Provider Client Use Case, "Saving Can Result in $3-$4 Million per 4,000 Patients"

Dr. Steven Schnur, Elite Health

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Implementation and Workflow

Designed to easily align with your clinical strategies without disruption to existing workflow. 

Robust, data driven solutions that informs clinical decisions and automatically facilitates live transfers to care team.


Financial and Performance Outcomes

Save $50-$100 per member per month (PMPM) and increase compliance measures.

Populations of 4,000 can result in annual savings of $3-$4M

extend clinical capacity

Extend Clinical Capacity

Reach thousands of patients on a recurring basis without adding to labor costs.

Solve medical and well-being issues in real-time with Siri-like Virtual Nurse Assistant.

How AI Technology is
Empowering A Generation

Hear our team talk about the transformational advantages of partnering with Care Angel


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Live From HIMSS 2018 Webcast

Wondering about this AI and voice Population Health Management model we keep talking about?

 Scale patient and provider engagement at a fraction of the cost. More engaging, efficient and effective than SMS, IVR, or Call Centers.

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Providers, Health Plans & Payers

Our innovation serves to bring an intelligent and unified approach to care.

 Combining advanced technology of remote care with Artificial Intelligence to improve the patient experience and helpmake healthcare better.

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Care Recipients and Caregivers

Simple voice based health monitoring can strongly impact positive outcomes.

 Angel delivers a personal and empowering healthcare experience to support care plan monitoring and medication adherence. Better communication. Better outcomes.

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