Care Angel named among 37 Startups building voice applications for healthcare 

In healthcare, voice technology finds a market particularly rife with potential and impactful use cases. The high cost of labor for physicians and other skilled workers - who spent countless hours inputting data into their electronic health records - is one example of an opportunity for startups to disrupt the status quo.


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Care Angel recognized as one of five AI advances in healthcare that appear to have the most potential 

Virtual nurse assistants

From interacting with patients to directing patients to the most effective care setting, virtual nursing assistants could save the healthcare industry $20 billion annually. Since virtual nurses are available 24/7, they can answer questions, monitor patients and provide quick answers. Most applications of virtual nursing assistants today allow for more regular communication between patients and care providers between office visits to prevent hospital readmission or unnecessary hospital visits. Care Angel's virtual nurse assistant can even provide wellness checks through voice and AI.


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Enabling High-touch, Personalized Engagement
for Florida ACO's

FLAACOs Partners with Care Angel to Bring AI and Voice, Virtual Nurse Assistant, Angel, to Florida ACOs

Partnership Supports Connected Care Through Scalable Patient Engagement, Improved Outcomes and Reduced Readmissions

Miami, FL, December 19, 2017: The Florida Association of ACOs (FLAACOs), the premier professional organization for Accountable Care Organizations and value-based healthcare leaders throughout Florida, announced today a strategic partnership with Miami-based Care Angel, to offer Care Angel’s AI and Voice powered Virtual Nurse Assistant, Angel, to FLAACOs’ Statewide ACO membership.

Care Angel’s innovative patient engagement, monitoring and management platform, SmartCare 3.0, brings Angel to life through a simple phone call on any voice-driven device, like a landline, cell phone or smart phone allowing providers to actively engage and manage their patient population in real time. Care Angel’s Virtual Nurse Assistant, Angel, conversationally checks-in with at-risk patient populations leveraging AI technology to enable scalable engagement with a focus on condition specific health communication. Recent studies of at risk populations have demonstrated patient engagement rates of 83 percent, readmission reduction of 63 percent and a $41 per patient per month net savings, by leveraging the Care Angel solution.   Care Angel closes gaps in care between visits for the highest risk, highest cost patients while reducing hospitalization and readmissions.

Under the agreement, Care Angel will work with FLAACOs and its ACO members to take a proactive approach to implementing Care Angel’s patient engagement, monitoring and management solution, to support FLAACOs members’ patient care and financial goals.

Nicole Bradberry, CEO of FLAACOs, states “Florida’s ACOs are leading the way in the shift toward fee for value supported by FLAACOs’ focus on leveraging collaborative digital health solutions. Care Angel’s innovative approach to active management of at risk populations to drive better health and financial outcomes for our members, aligns perfectly with our mandate as an organization.”

Through the partnership, Care Angel and FLAACO will provide Florida’s 40+ ACOs with pre-negotiated access to the Care Angel solution, ensuring their patients get the care they need, when they need it, without over-burdening existing clinical and administrative staff.

Care Angel’s CEO, Wolf Shlagman, added “Meeting patients where they are, technologically, is one of the keys to scaling active patient engagement, the second critical element is the human touch, an empathetic voice that offers a better experience for the patient. And finally, for sustainably achieving high engagement and improved outcomes between visits, the interaction must be intelligent. Angel acts as an extension of the care team, proactively triaging those that are in need of intervention to a clinician, in real-time. Provider’s success in a value-based care delivery arrangement depends on bringing these three things together. ACO physicians can consistently engage with their patients proactively using technology that their patients already have, allowing them to manage large patient populations much more effectively and efficiently at a dramatically lower cost.”

Care Angel’s AI and voice solution is in use by major health systems, health plans, ACOs, MSOs and IPAs throughout the state of Florida and nationally.


FLAACOs, also known as the Florida Association of Accountable Care Organization, mission is to provide members a vehicle to collaborate, ensuring that each healthcare organization grows and thrives. The Florida-based association aligns goals to help member ACOs shift physician incentives and improve health-care outcomes across the state. FLAACOs provides a voice for the accountable care marketplace and its participating providers, payers, and individual physicians. The goal of FLAACOs is to provide advocacy and support to all Florida accountable care organizations so that together they can become the health-care models of the future. To learn more visit


Care Angel offers the world’s first voice AI, Virtual Nurse Assistant, Angel. Angel empowers the most effective, efficient and scalable way to engage monitor and manage large, at-risk populations with complex and chronic conditions, at the lowest cost starting with a simple phone call. Care Angel’s multi-modal engagement platform helps providers and payers to close gaps in care by automating conversational, outbound check-in care calls, capturing regular updates on vitals and well-being and inform real-time interventions. The platform can also push personalized notifications to remote family and friends, strengthening the communication between patients, care teams and their family caregivers. Our solution is proven to reduce administrative and operational costs, reduce readmissions and improve medical and financial outcomes. For more information about Care Angel’s solutions, please visit



The Reality of Value-based Care Arrangements 

SNL Skit About Alexa Silver, A Fictional Amazon AI Device for Seniors, Actually Exists; "AVA", A Medical Companion Created By EliteHealth to Promote Senior Health

MIAMI, July 13, 2017 (PRNewswire) -- The recent, hilarious SNL skit about a fictional Amazon Artificial Intelligence device made specifically for elderly users, called 'Alexa Silver', is no laughing matter when you consider that 117 million people who have one or more chronic conditions are not receiving the care they need, resulting in over $1 trillion in avoidable costs annually in the United States. The good news is that an actual medical companion for seniors already exists, called 'AVA'. 


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AI and Voice Reduces Costs and Complexity

Care Angel Joins AARP Services, Inc. Pilot to Assist Family Caregivers; CareConnection Includes AI-Powered Care Angel Virtual Caregiver Assistant

Miami, FL - January 5, 2017 - ( 

Care Angel, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered virtual caregiver and health care assistant platform, was chosen by AARP Services, Inc. (ASI), AARP’s wholly owned for-profit subsidiary, to participate in its CareConnection initiative to provide support, services and community to caregivers. Care Angel launched on CareConnection this month and is currently the only company featured in the Remote Support section of the interactive online site. Other categories include Telehealth, Diet/Nutrition, In-Home Care, Transportation and Advice and Guidance.


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