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Meet Angel,
Digital Health Engagement Solution that Extends Clinical Capacity by 600%


Care Recipients

Personalized Care Calls

Care Recipients

Tailored, Conversational


Care Providers

Automatic, Digital Alerts to Clinicians
When Intervention is Required

Powerful, data-driven analytics inform care teams when concerns arise
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Caregivers and Family

Mobile App to Inform Loved Ones and
Reinforce Care Adherence

Caregivers and Family



Offer the highest quality remote care monitoring and management that goes beyond episodic responses and extends into population health and chronic care management. Care Angel aligns data and advanced analytics, care coordination, patient and clinician engagement into a best in breed enterprise platform.


Angel Comes to Life Through Our SmartCare 3.0 Platform 

Imagine effectively meeting the complex requirements of high-needs patients and large at-risk populations.
Tailor communications and orchestrate appropriate interventions quickly, easily and efficiently without disruption to existing workflow.


Best in Breed Platform

  • HITRUST certified, HIPAA and TCPA compliant
  • Care algorithms, dynamic, intelligent care plans and surveys
  • 73 languages and diverse care plans with dynamic care pathways
  • Dashboard displays crucial data and archives population and patient data
  • Integrate seamlessly with EMR to share data across the enterprise
  • Deploy in a little as 30 days

Unified, Intelligent, Data Driven

  • Robust data optics that drive real-time interventions and patient well-being
  • Never miss a care opportunity and achieve faster resolution
  • Seamless collaboration and data exchange with care teams
  • Live transfer options based on risk identification
  • Reduces costs, supports revenue retention and improves outcomes


Seamless Transition To Value Based Care

Human Activities Enhanced
by Technology

  • 600x more clinical capacity, without increasing labor costs
  • Frees up valuable clinician time, saving 3-4 hours per day
  • Care managers can spend time with patients, higher level of care
  • Enables care team to focus on at-risk patients that need care
  • Alerts care team for informed and proactive intervention

Engagement Solution

  • AI and voice, Virtual Nurse Assistant – smart and dynamic, listens and learns
  • Personalized, conversational, health monitoring and management
  • Continuous, proactive engagement and care coordination between visits
  • Collects vitals and other useful data and wellbeing measures faster with less effort
  • Informs clinical decision support in real time

Health Monitoring

  • Best in class, evidence-based care plan templates
  • Dynamically deployed care plans based on conditions or procedure
  • Evolves conversational care automatically over time as patient needs change
  • Care between visits to most vulnerable at-risk patients and care recipients

Care Management

  • Not limited to one set of functions, rules, logic or script
  • Allows the provider or payer to set the frequency of care “touches”
  • Optional functionality to enable the family to help reinforce care
  • Empowers the patient to adopt healthy behavior choice
 Leveraging technology to enhance human connection is at the foundation of everything we do. 

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