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Digital Health Engagement Drives Better Care Management and Clinical Outcomes

Burnout among healthcare workers has reached what the National Academy of Medicine called “crisis levels.” According to the nonprofit that advises the nation on issues of health, healthcare, and biomedical science and technology, 35% to 54% of nurses and physicians were reporting symptoms of burnout. And that was before the COVID-19 pandemic.  

With its troubling impact on patient care and safety, burnout among nurses is leading many to leave the profession. A November 2021 survey by Hospital IQ found that 90% of registered nurses are thinking about leaving nursing within a year. 

In addition, half a million registered nurses are expected to retire by the end of 2022; that reality led the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to project that the country will need 1.1 million new registered nurses. These changes come with a steep $9 billion annual price tag, according to a recent advisory from the U.S. Surgeon General that seeks to address clinician burnout. 

Sandra Hernández, president and CEO of the California Health Care Foundation, calls for healthcare organizations to address the workforce problem by taking a “major technology leap forward.” Hernández writes: “Technology is the great extender. It is the bridge between people who make up the workforce. It can bring out the best in individuals, in teams, and different systems.” 

Meet Angel: Award Winning A. I. Voice Nurse Assistant

Care Angel can help defeat burnout by helping nurses work at the top of their licenses. The results are improved patient care and expanded nurse capacity. Angel does this for 15% of the cost–or even less. That’s important because healthcare organizations simply don’t have the numbers of employed nurses to make these calls to members and patients on a 1-on-1 basis.

Angel reduces nurse burnout by removing administrative work, such as dialing lists of patients that don't have an immediate need. That means nurses can focus on caring for patients that DO have clinical needs. The results: Nurses enjoy their work more and patients receive better care.

Angel comes to life through a secure, HITRUST-certified platform that supports healthcare organizations’ HIPAA compliance. Launching hundreds of thousands of personalized interactions with members and patients, Angel reaches millions of at-risk patients. That’s for post-discharge follow-up care, medication adherence, management of chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension, or any clinical outcome you’re striving to achieve. 

Every single day, Care Angel can touch 90% to 100% of your at-risk populations and activate and engage 43%. That leaves your nurses to practice at the top of their licenses and exercise their clinical judgment, which can help prevent burnout. Angel is proven to extend care by 5 times, casting a wider net to help identify patients and guide them to the right resources–such as their physician or a pharmacy–in real time. Angel reduces the cost of care while lessening the burden on care management teams.  

The end result: Improved population health outcomes, better chronic condition management, and happier nurses and patients. 

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