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CEO Corner with Bud Flagstad: Helping Payers Du...

To reach Medicaid members, payers are looking for a solution that will meet members where they are, resulting in effective engagement at the lowest cost.

Benefit Consultants: Your Clients’ #1 Competiti...

We have never seen a job market like the one we're experiencing today. It's been called the "Great resignation" and the "Great reassignment." Regardless of the ...

Study Reveals Significant Inconsistencies in Ca...

A recent JAMA study revealed real inconsistencies in care transitions for patients. A full 20% of patients reported that social determinants of health (SDOH) st...

6 Ways to Succeed in Value Based Payment Models...

Leveraging augmented intelligence via voice, text, and secure chat to bring care into the home. Healthcare organizations can massively scale patient engagement,...

AHIP 2022 Takeaways: Health Insurers Want to Bo...

Last month AHIP 2022 took Las Vegas by storm–and Care Angel’s team was there for it. We sat down with two of our team members who attended the conference to cap...

Address the looming nurse shortage and strategi...

Burnout among healthcare workers has reached what the National Academy of Medicine called “crisis levels.” According to the nonprofit that advises the nation on...

Provider Use Case: “Saving Can Result in $3-$4M per 4,000 Patients”

Dr. Steven Schnur, Elite Health

Implementation and Workflow

Designed to easily align with your clinical strategies without disruption to existing workflow.

Financial and Performance Outcomes

Save $50-$100 PMPM and increase compliance measures.

Extend Clinical Capacity

Reach thousands of patients on a recurring basis without adding to labor costs.

How Cognitive Technology is Empowering a Generation

Hear our team talk about the transformational advantages of partnering with Care Angel

Financial and Performance Outcomes

Technology that augments clinical workforce capacity, efficiency, and more.

Extend clinical capacity by 600%

Positively impact outcomes, Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) scores, and  reimbursement.

Not a chatbot, not IVR!

Longitudinal and interdependent care campaigns. Dynamic care pathways tailored to the individual.

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