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Benefit Consultants: Your Clients’ #1 Competitive Advantage is Employee Engagement

Help Employer Clients’ Drive Better Employee Benefit Communications and Navigation

We have never seen a job market like the one we're experiencing today. It's been called the "Great resignation" and the "Great reassignment." Regardless of the label used, employers around the country are competing for talent like never before.  

Employers look to you to advise them on what's new—and likely to set them apart with job candidates. Also important: Employers can’t forget about retaining their current employees.  

The health benefits employers offer can make all the difference in motivating, attracting, and retaining employees, while also reducing medical spend.  

A question: Are your clients' employees engaged during open enrolment and throughout the year? Probably not.  

You can help. 

According to SHRM, without a good internal communications and engagement strategy, plan participation is likely to underperform. The impact on your clients' employees? They miss out on the great benefits crafted specifically to keep them healthy and performing at the top of their professions. 

Enter Care Angel. We offer Angel, a digital employee-engagement platform that allows your clients to communicate with employees at scale by phone call, text, and secure chat. Angel is tailored to meet and even exceed the goals and objectives of individual employer groups.

Angel delivers continuous, proactive, digital engagement that transforms the way employees maximize tools that drive health and well-being success. Angel helps employers boost employee engagement during open enrolment and throughout the year to increase awareness about programs such as chronic condition management, pain management, mental health, and other well-being benefits your clients offer.  


3 questions:

  • How many hours do your clients spend chasing down employees to sign up during open enrollment and for other benefits throughout the year?
  • Do your clients' employees know how to navigate benefits for digital health, coverage for preventative care, or life-changing health events?
  • Are your clients' employees even aware of benefit programs that can support them in better addressing pain management and diabetes, in addition to cancer prevention and mental health?


We know the answers to these questions. Your clients are chasing down employees during the open enrollment period and throughout the year because traditional health communication outreach doesn’t cut it. And their employees likely don't know where to go in the event of an injury, illness, or diagnosis.  

Angel proactively helps employees make better informed decisions. 


Here are 3 ways Care Angel can help: 

  1. Angel uses voice, text, and secure chat to remind and inform your clients' employees during open enrollment--and throughout the year. 
    What does that mean for your clients? It means their employees can avoid missed open enrollment opportunities by automating conversational, inbound and outbound calls and capturing a deeper understanding of their employees' knowledge about their benefits packages through real-time insights. 
  1. Angel relies on machine learning to get to know employees over time.
    Far from a chatbot or an IVR, Angel is sophisticated, understands utterances, nested responses, and interruptions. Did we mention Angel speaks and understands 72 languages? 
  1. Angel can help employers boost benefit awareness, annual wellness visits, and screenings across a diverse workforce.
    Supporting employees who might otherwise skip important annual visits, Angel can offer regular care tips on well-being and even help with pharmacy benefit management and medication adherence. 


Care Angel offers the following solutions for your clients: 

  • Open Enrollment Support Solutions 
  • Chronic Condition Management Workflows 
  • Pharmacy Benefit Support Pathways 
  • Preventative Care Reminders for Annual Wellness Visits and Screenings 
  • Digital Health Services Awareness and Utilization 
  • Broadcast Messages for Emergency Response and Public Health Advisories 
  • Identification of Health Equity and SDOH factors 


Want to learn more?Call Care Angel today at (800) 825-3227 or contact us. We look forward to helping you continue to deliver results for your clients!