COVID-19 "HEALS" Rapid Response

Continuous Population Engagement, Management, Surveillance, Care Coordination, Triage and Navigation, at Scale

COVID-19 HEALS(Help Early Awareness Logistics Surveillance) Program

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Who is HEALS COVID-19 program for?

Back2Work™ (Safely)

Leverage technology to protect your business, employees and customers

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Back2Community™ (Safely)
States / Cities / Counties

Strategies for protecting your citizens, business, neighborhoods

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Back2School™ (Safely)
Schools / Universities

Prioritize early identification of risk to protect students, faculty, staff and families

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Back2Home™ (Safely)
Payers / Providers

Manage risk for individuals and populations, with proven results

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CareAngel - Back2Home

Say hello to ANGEL, your on demand workforce of virtual nurse assistants

  • Augment care with Angel, AI talk and text
  • Extend the human touch to engage populations, employees and communities by 10x
  • Facilitate continuous, omni-channel conversations with members and their families
  • Collect patient reported bio-metrics, physical, mental and overall wellbeing and needs
  • Enable proactive COVID-19 assessment, monitoring and management, at a distance
  • Effectively combat the surge in demand for COVID-19 assessments, social challenges and spread of the disease
  • Empower and involve members and their families
  • Transfers to PCP and/or virtual telehealth services, when there is a need
CareAngel - HEALS - CareCall
Gather critical information to deliver targeted care and support
CareAngel - HEALS - CareText
Reach and assess tens of thousands of people to determine which ones need care

HEALS encompasses all the essential tools you need for a turn-key, COVID-19 assessment/detection program

CareAngel - HEALS
Care Angel - ANGEL

All about ANGEL

  • ANGEL reaches and supports members, patients and communities, at scale

  • ANGEL assumes responsibility of over-burdened healthcare teams

  • ANGEL lowers the burden and the risk of the worried well and at-risk

  • ANGEL automatically alerts and shares valuable data to payers and providers

  • ANGEL helps health plans, health systems and governments overwhelmed by COVID-19

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Continuous population engagement, management, surveillance, care coordination and triage at scale

Extend Health Engagement by 10x

  • Proactive automation of COVID-19 engagement for entire populations, outbound and inbound, at scale
  • Start with a simple phone calls & text to find @ risk patients, prevent and educate
  • Conduct continuous clinical intakes (CDC guidelines) via phone/ text and triage to resources
  • Provide continuous protocols, education and latest information on prevention guidance
  • Triage symptomatic populations to proper virtual care site
  • Deploy within 5 days after contract

Support and Protect Overburdened Vital Frontline Healthcare Workers

  • Prevent infection spread via continuous check-ins, education, triage and navigation
  • Lower risk of infection spread by population & clinical staff
  • Reduce people from overwhelming call centers, PCP offices, hospitals, gov't health and emergency operations
  • Capture potential missed care opportunities @ scale
  • Identify risk without unnecessary burden on healthcare staff and care teams
  • Save lives @ scale, by keeping people informed, safe and consistently monitored
Care Angel - HEALS - Engagement

Bi-directional engagement

  • Outbound - Angel Calls/Texts Member
  • Inbound - Member Calls/Texts Angel

Family CareCircle

Automated alert when there is a need
  • Keep family and care teams informed
  • Notify provider for escalation to telehealth
Care Angel - HEALS - CareCircle

Maximize population reach, minimize burden on live healthcare teams 

CareAngel - Icon - Mobile
Condition or Event Based
  • Client segment driven tactics
  • Dynamic, credible content
  • Align message and connect across telephonic communication channels – talk and text
Care Angel - Icon - Segmentation
Personalized Segmentation
  • Specific content and tips
  • Automated check-in program
  • Proactively support members, reducing exposure, navigate to right (virtual) care site.
  • Escalate the low % that need triage / intervention (optional)
Care Angel - Icon - Rapid Deployment
Rapid Deployment
  • Reduce communication delays
  • Inspire confidence and satisfaction
  • Yield results in the form of crisis containment, lower healthcare costs, better outcomes
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How does HEALS Rapid Response Program address your needs?


Help Responding to an appeal for urgent assistance, virtual care access,  reliable information and meaningful health resources.


Early Decisive action must be taken to mitigate spread and reduce transmission during a pandemic or other emergency.


Awareness Engagement campaigns that collect relevant clinical, non-clinical and SDoH information, while providing knowledge that suits the specific location.


Logistics Detailed coordination of a complex operation that involves many moving parts. Automated workflows and seamless navigation.


Surveillance Systematic collection, analysis and reporting of information and data to continuously evaluate the health and wellbeing of populations to prioritize medical and non-medical care for people during a crisis.

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